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How Does Wind Energy Work?

Wind energy is one of the renewable energies that we will rely on more and more as we shift away from fossil fuels. But how does wind...

How Does Solar Energy Work?

This is the second blog in this series, so if you have not seen my blog on geothermal energy, go check it out after this. Solar energy is...

Lard and Gelatin

I have been vegetarian for around a month and a half now, and it has been going very well. One of the challenges is that I know I’m not...

Hydrogen-Powered Cars

There is a new technology that is starting to pick up some momentum in the car world. While electric cars are taking center stage, the...

The Concrete Conundrum

Concrete is one of the most important materials we have. Without it, our lives would be totally different. It is the most widely used...

Save Fairy Creek

Logging has long been a part of the pacific northwest. The old-growth forests have propped up settlements there for hundreds of years and...

Plant-Based Milks

Today I am going to give a rundown of four plant-based milks. I will go over which ones are the healthiest, which ones taste the best,...

Invasive Species

In this blog, I am going to give some examples of human-introduced invasive species, and the harms they have on their new environments....

The Great Green Wall

Africa is desertifying. The expansion of the Sahara Desert into the Sahel, the region between the Sahara and the Sudanian savanna, is...

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