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Save Fairy Creek

Logging has long been a part of the pacific northwest. The old-growth forests have propped up settlements there for hundreds of years and have been vital to the economy of that region. But these old-growth forests are also vital to the ecology of the pacific northwest, and without them, the environment of this region would collapse.

In British Colombia, Canada, there is currently a fight to save the Fairy Creek area, a beautiful region of old-growth wilderness. Being on the west side of Vancouver Island, this forest is very unique. Sadly, it is facing the same ending that so many other forested areas of the pacific northwest have faced. It will be logged for lumber, stripping the area of its beauty and life, and leaving it to rot.

Ancient Forest Alliance, Sierra Club BC, and Wildernews issued a report card assessing the BC government’s progress on protecting old-growth forests. In the ‘intermediate action for at-risk forest deferrals within six months’ category, John Horgan (premier of BC) and his administration were given a D. For the categories ‘three-year work plan with milestone dates’, ‘funding for implementation, first nation, and forestry transition’, ‘change course and prioritize ecosystem integrity and biodiversity’, and ‘transparency and communication’, the Provincial Government received an F. I have linked the report card in the description, so please read it.

But hope is not lost. We can still save this wonderful area. If you live near fairy creek, please go to the Last Stand Blockades at Fairy Creek and try to keep the loggers out. If you don’t live in the area, there is a petition linked below that all of you should sign. Also, follow Ancient Forrest Alliance, Fairy Creek Blockade, and Sierra Club BC on your social media accounts. Lastly, spread the word. This crisis isn’t that well known, and the more people who know about it, the higher the chance that this forest stays standing. Over 99% of the old-growth Douglas-firs on BC’s south coast have also been cut. British Colombia is logging 150,000 hectares of ancient forests every year. Can we please save this one masterpiece?


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