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Meatless Meats

Vegetarian alternatives to meat have been around for a while. The problem was, they tasted nothing like meat, so a lot of people wouldn't make the switch. The meat alternatives around now look, taste, smell, and even sound more like real meat. They are great because they are healthier for you, they don't harm animals, and they are much better for the planet. The two big companies are Beyond Meats and Impossible. If you want to try the food from some smaller companies, go to an organic store like Trader Joe's or Sprouts. They have parts of their store that are filled with the creations from smaller meatless meat companies. All of these companies, big and small, have veggie burgers, veggie sausages, and veggie ground beef. Since each company makes the meats a little differently, you have to try them all to find your favorite. There are some downsides to the meatless meat one the market now. To make it taste like a burger, these companies use a ton of salt. They also use oils like coconut oil to make the veggie meat sizzle, but those oils have saturated fat. Before you buy meatless meat, please check the label. Even with these downsides, the veggie meat alternatives are still way better for you, the animals that would have been in your meat burger, and the planet. The reason it is great for the planet is that the resources that would have gone into feeding the animals can be fed to people, and there are less burping and farting cows wandering around.

These are the ingredients in a Beyond Burger. If you wan't to learn more, ex-NASA scientist Mark Rober went to Beyond Meats and Impossible to see how they made their burgers. He made this video:

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