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Op-Ed: How Nature Makes Us Better Activists

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Every time I go outside I am extremely grateful that I get to live in such a beautiful world. Then, it saddens me that it could be gone if we don’t stop climate change. This makes me even more determined to do my part in solving this crisis and stopping this catastrophe.

While I want everywhere to be protected from the wrath of climate change, there are some places that I hold dearer to my heart. Since I live just two miles from the ocean, it has the biggest impact on my life and my activism. While I want the snowy mountain peaks to thrive as much as the sandy shores of my home, I live a ways away from any snowy peaks, so I am more removed from them.

My family and I recently drove out to Colorado to have some fun in the snow. I usually only get to see snow around once a year, and when I do, it is in very small amounts. This was my first proper, multi-day white winter experience in almost a decade. It was a completely different side of nature, and I fell in love with it. While back home I will still be very far from the snow, this experience has brought the snowy wonderland closer to my heart.

What I am trying to say is go outside. Enjoy nature. Explore new places. The more time you spend outside and the more new places you see, the more you will value and cherish our planet and the better environmental activist you will become. I am lucky enough to live in a place surrounded by nature, so I don’t have to try hard to love the Earth, but even if you live somewhere fairly removed from nature, everywhere you go you will find something to cherish and it will make you want to save it.

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